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萨尔滕德是许多使用当地基础设施的世界级企业的所在地, knowledge and skills to their advantage.

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全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 Chemicals Park Limited is part of px group, a leading provider of services in the process, energy and high complexity industrial sectors.

全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 Chemicals Park Limited provides comprehensive energy, infrastructure, 为在当地运营的全球领先公司提供工程、运营和维护服务,并为新的外来投资销售可用的开发土地.

More information on px Group can be found here:


Mitsubishi Chemical

三菱化学英国分公司Soarnol生产和销售乙烯基共聚物(EVOH).  We also procure and distribute imported Mitsubishi Chemical products.

Sornol TM (EVOH), 是乙烯-乙烯醇共聚物的商品名,最初是通过多年的研究开发出来的.  Soarnol TM is mainly composed of carbo, oxygen and hydrogen, has no toxic gases when burned, and its combustion heat is only half that of polyethylene, causing little harm to the environment.



Triton Power

Triton Power是一家私营的独立发电公司,容量为1.35GW.

Triton Power通过其英国发电站向英国批发电力市场提供电力, 当可再生能源发电无法提供时,在供应安全方面发挥重要作用. 它们的总发电量足以为英国多达50万户家庭提供电力.

全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 Power Station is one of the largest, most efficient natural gas-fired power generating facilities in England.  As a cogeneration plant, 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址发电站为全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址化学园区提供电力和蒸汽,工厂产出的剩余部分被销售到英国的电力批发市场.

Triton Power是氢制氢(H2H)盐碱脱碳项目的一部分,旨在减少碳排放.  H2H 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址是更广泛的零碳Humber倡议的锚定项目,将启动氢经济,这将是英国净零目标的重要推动者, facilitating the infrastructure build for hydrogen production and CCUS, 然后可以连接到零碳排放倡议中的其他工业和发电站,以显着减少英国的碳排放.



Tricoya英国有限公司正在完成世界上第一个Tricoya®木片生产设施的建设并将运营, at 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 Chemicals Plant, Hull, UK.

Tricoya®木片采用Accsys专有技术对木片进行乙酰化处理, fibres and particles, primarily for use in the fabrication of panel products. 乙酰化过程增强了可持续来源木屑的性能, increasing durability, dimensional stability, 并且适合在室外或潮湿环境中使用Tricoya®制成的面板.

典型的用途包括外墙覆层/壁板和其他次要的外部应用, window components, door components, door skins and wet interiors, including wall linings. Tricoya UK Ltd是Accsys Technologies PLC于2017年成立的Tricoya财团的一部分. Equity partners in Tricoya Ventures UK Ltd includes Accsys (parent company), INEOS Acetyls and Medite Europe DAC.



雅苒提供作物营养产品,其使命和愿景是“负责任地养活世界,保护地球”。. 他们的工业产品组合包括防止空气污染的环保剂.

Yara总部位于奥斯陆,业务遍及50多个国家,产品销往约150个国家. Here at 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 Yara own an ammonia plant. 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址生产的氨通过海运运往欧洲的其他Yara生产单位,在那里它被用作生产氮肥和其他化学产品的关键原料.



Vivergo Fuels

Vivergo Fuels was formed in 2007 as a biorefinery for the future.

该公司将成为欧洲最大的生物乙醇生产商之一,年产量为4.2亿升,也是英国最大的动物饲料单一来源供应商, producing 400,000 tonnes each year.



BP is at the forefront of research and technology in the petrochemicals field, 赫尔是我们全球主要的石化产品研究和技术中心之一. 此外,赫尔大学还拥有英国石油公司应用化学和物理技术中心(AC)的一部分&P).

Cativa®工艺是一项世界领先的技术,也是制造醋酸的开创性方法. Cativa®是使用铱催化剂系统通过甲醇羰基化生产乙酸的方法. 这项技术是由赫尔的一个团队在20世纪90年代开发的,并于1995年商业化.

赫尔的团队还开发了SaaBre™工艺,这是一种通过专有技术将合成气直接转化为乙酸来生产乙酸的新路线, integrated three-step process.


Ineos Acetyls

INEOS is a global chemicals company. Our products touch every aspect of modern-day life.  We comprise 36 businesses with 194 sites in 29 countries throughout the world.

The INEOS Acetyls business in Hull is the largest producer of acetic acid, acetic anhydride and ethyl acetate in Europe, and also home to the business’s global technology development and support team.

Acetic acid is used in the production of food preservatives, and to make goods such as ink, pharmaceuticals, household cleaning products, textiles, paints, packaging and many more items.

Acetic anhydride is used in everyday products, including detergents, aspirin and paracetamol, wood acetylated products and plastics.

Ethyl Acetate (EtAc) is also used in in everyday items, such as decaffeination, printing inks, pharmaceuticals, paints, adhesives and nail varnish remover.


Air Products


Focused on serving energy, environment and emerging markets, the Company provides essential industrial gases, 为数十个行业的客户提供相关设备和应用专业知识, including refining, chemical, metals, electronics, manufacturing, and food and beverage.

空气产品公司也是全球领先的液化天然气工艺技术和设备供应商. The Company develops, engineers, builds, owns and operates some of the world’s largest industrial gas projects, 包括可持续地将丰富的自然资源转化为合成气以生产高价值电力的气化项目, fuels and chemicals; carbon capture projects; and world-scale carbon-free hydrogen projects supporting global transportation and the energy transition.



Future projects

全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 will host Hydrogen to Humber 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址, or H2H 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址, the flagship project of the Zero Carbon Humber Scheme.

H2H 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 will establish the world’s largest Hydrogen production plant with Carbon Capture capability, and will be the starting point for a Hydrogen and CO2 pipeline network.

Initially, the plant will allow industrial customers at 全网十大靠谱网投网上十大正规赌网址 to switch over to hydrogen-fuelled energy 并将减少进入公园燃气发电厂的化石燃料的数量, thus cutting emissions by nearly 900,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Pensana PLC

In April 2021 Pensana was granted planning permission to establish the £125 million facility, which will play a crucial role in producing the materials that are essential to production of electric cars and wind turbines. 这两个行业都被英国政府指定为该国实现净零排放的关键.

Pensana says that the facility, which will directly create over 100 jobs in the area, has a target production of around 12,500 annualised tonnes of rare oxides, including 4,500 tonnes of magnet metal rare oxides, representing approximately 5% of the global projected demand.

The project broke ground in the summer of 2021 – keep an eye on our news page for more updates about this exciting project!

Support Companies


  • Score Europe Ltd
  • Worley Field Services
  • Envogen Ltd
  • Casper Shipping Ltd
  • Suez
  • WIKA
  • F.E.S. (EX) Ltd